Monday, September 21

A note on "life"

Isn't it ironic how "pro-life" / "anti-abortion" platforms show a positive correlation with those of "pro-guns," "pro-capital punishment," "anti-comprehensive-sex-education" and "anti-birth control?" One would think them to be mutually exclusive, but try explaining that to anybody who identifies with the religious right.

I dream of guarding Planned Parenthood clinics from protesters with an unloaded rifle on my shoulder and a smile on my face.

This, in spite of my own platform that guns should stay locked up and at home.

Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures...

PS: Also, people who use Hitler as a symbol of an evil "atheistic socialist" (!!!) should be tarred, feathered and made to read unexpurgated history books at knifepoint. If, after all that, they still insist on painting landing strips on Obama's philtrum, we can euthanize them.

(pic from Morons with Signs)

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