Saturday, April 7

In which a 26-year-old cashier gets asked out by a 4-year-old

[Today, a mother/father duo rolls up to my register with their 4-year-old son seated in the cart]

4yo boy: I REMEMBER YOU!!!
Me: You do? From where?
4yo: You were here!
Me: [to mother] When was the last time you folks were in here?
Mother: The day after Thanksgiving last year.
Me: [to boy] Oh! So you remember me from Black Friday? What a good memory you have!
4yo: I got a Xbox Kinect. [sic]
Me: Wow! I wish I had one! What's your favorite game?
4yo: Lego Star Wars. Iz fun!
Me: I bet it is!
4yo: I will show you how to play it!
Me: ....?
4yo: You can come over to my house and we can play!
Me: [flattered, but shocked to be asked out by a 4-year-old] I don't know about that...I'm busy working all the time!
4yo: When you are finished today, you can come over!
Me: [trying hard not to ROFL] Hmmm...
4yo: I'm 4 years old!
Me: Wow! You're such a big boy! [to mother] This one's going to grow up to be a charmer...
Mother: [laughs] I know.

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