Friday, May 28

If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be? And where would you put it?

I would get an oroboros mermaid across my back, with a few differences:
1. Instead of being circular, this oroboros would be shaped like the infinity symbol.
2. Instead of having her tail in her mouth, the mermaid would be cradling it, almost as if she is using it as a pillow.
3. The mermaid will have my face.

Its significance: The oroboros is a cyclical symbol of both self-sufficiency and depression (eating oneself). The fact that she is using her tail as a pillow (instead of eating it) means she is comfortable with this aspect of herself, and gains nourishment by acknowledging her weaknesses. She used to be self-destructive, but is now self-nourishing.

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